April update

April is a big month for the Angola MosquitoNet Project. It’s the month that we’ll be handing over nets… On April 30, we will be giving away 3,160 nets to various organizations including Development Workshop, the Soyo Baptist Church Medical Clinic and the Palanca Negra Project in Malange, to mention just a few.

The Angola MosquitoNet Project has now raised $99,957. That’s just $43 short of the $100,000 goal set for December 2007. We are actively fundraising and hope to reach our goal for this year, $125,000 by December 2008. Contact the Angola MosquitoNet Project here if you:

  • Want to help the Angola MosquitoNet Project achieve the 2008 goal
  • Your organization needs mosquito nets
  • You know a family or individual who cannot afford to buy a net
  • Also, check out this video update from Committee member Gilda Alexander:

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