GMO mosquitos as flying malaria ‘vaccinators’

A new research study in the journal Insect Molecular Biology is making news headlines around the world this week. As reported on March 19 in The Telegraph newspaper online, the study reveals that “scientists in Japan have engineered an insect producing a natural vaccine protein in its saliva which is injected into the bloodstream when it bites.” Scientists are still working on developing an effective malaria vaccine, so the study was very much a “proof of concept,” said the study leader Professor Shigeto Yoshida, from Jichi Medical University in Shimotsuki, Japan. Professor Yoshida also said that “Ethical considerations may also get in the way of using “flying vaccinators” to control malaria. Read more at

Malaria-related deaths decreased in Cunene in 2009

Of the 157,836 Malaria cases recorded in the southern Cunene province of Angola in 2009, only 574 fatalities were reported, health sources told the Angolan News Agency (ANGOP) on Wednesday.

According to the sources, the figure represents a reduction by 90 deaths from the 2008 figures.

The sources attributed the reduction to the preventive measures and treatment programme adopted by the government across the country.

The cases were recorded in Ondjiva general hospital, Ombadja, Kwanhama, Namacunde, Cahama, Cuvelai and Curoca districts during the period under review.

-From Afrique en Ligne, March 19, 2010.