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The Angola MosquitoNet Project is a non-profit organization run by a small committee of volunteers. The committee raises funds to buy nets for distribution in Angola’s low-income communities. Our net distributors include: UNICEF, Oxfam, Norwegian Refugee Council, Medair, Development Workshop and the Angola Baptist Mission.

Since 2000, The Angola MosquitoNet Project has raised $90, 000 from Angola’s corporate community, individuals and overseas donors. Our goal is to raise $100,000 by the end of 2008, which is the equivalent of 12, 000 family size nets.

Costs & Benefits:

A family size perma-net (permanently insecticide impregnated net) costs $8 per net. Through this project, we have bought and donated about 11,500 nets. Typically, a family of four sleeps under a single net, which means the Angola Mosquito Net Project has provided malaria protection to approximately 40,000 people.

We spend 100% of received funds to purchase nets. There is no administration or shipping costs involved.

Net Supplier:

The Angola MosquitoNet Project purchases perma-nets from CICCI, Danish supplier with an office in Luanda who import from Thailand high quality perma-nets.

During most of this project’s life, the nets were purchased from ADPP, a Danish aid organization that operate a clothing recycling factory in Cazenga, one of the poor areas of Luanda. Nets were sewn up in ADPP’s factory and this provided work for women who are mostly unemployed. However, ADPP discontinued making the nets and we now buy our nets from CICCI.


Baptist Mission, Uige province and Cacuaco Beril senior citizens home, Luanda
Brethern Church Mission, Moxico
Development Workshop, Huambo and Bengo provinces
Driver Against Malaria (UK), Bengo province
Fransiscan Sisters, Viana
Medair, Moxico province
Norwegian Refugee Council, Zaire province
Oxfam Remar Orphanage, Luanda
TB Sanitorium, Luanda
Vida Abundante Community, Luanda


The Angola MosquitoNet Project was the idea of a Norwegian social worker who worked with UNICEF in Angola in from 1998 to 2000. Toril Ostvedt’s work brought her throughout Angola and everywhere she noted the lack of mosquito nets in people’s houses. Toril wanted to organize a volunteer project to buy mosquito nets to distribute to poor families in the provinces, especially families which have been affected by the long civil war, now thankfully ended. In 2000, a volunteer Fund Raising Committee was organized and it has been active for 8 years.


For more info on the Angola MosquitoNet Project, committee, visit our Contact page.

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